The Journey Begins

The mandatory first blog post. Best to start with a ramble.

I am 23 years old, but I do not have an Instagram. I see that lots of people my age do, and I am often invited to join them, but I am usually too hungry to photograph my food before eating it. Stopping to photograph a meal would take time away from working on all the projects I plan to blog about!

Software development is both my profession and my hobby. Some people like to do totally different things in their home life than their work life, like skiing or rock climbing or (food) photography. I do (most of) those things too, and I quite enjoy them. A certain percentage of my day is spent wondering if I could take better pictures if I bought a less-cheap smartphone. Then I remember that I don’t have anything I care to take pictures of, because I have other things to work on. The mood passes, and I keep happily using my cheap smartphone.

When I’m not wondering how my phone manages to mud of what could have been such a nice photo, I am often found working on software projects. Of particular interest right now is KDE Connect. KDE Connect is an application for synchronizing your connected devices, with the most focus on integrating your phone and your desktop. There are similar apps available, but in my eye KDE Connect combines the best of everything: Linux support, secure Device-to-Device communication – there is no way some 3rd party can intercept your data since it is never sent anywhere outside of your control – and, best of all, SMS support. Apparently the majority of consumers would prefer a skinny phone on which you have to struggle to type every word rather than have a physical keyboard, but that is not what I want. Ever since that market vanished and I had to switch to a one-piece candy-bar, I have dreamed of a way to never pull it out of my pocket. By working on KDE Connect, I can make that dream a reality.

Outside of traditional desktop programming languages, I often impress myself with how much I don’t know. While setting up this blog, I knew just enough to know what kind of layout I wanted. Responsive, so that if someone navigates to this blog – with much effort – on their keyboard-less phone it will look nice. Serious web development is a topic I have only briefly been exposed to. One day I would like to learn more, but that day will have to wait until I think of a sufficiently interesting project!

Hopefully the journey does not end here. I intend to write about my progress on KDE Connect so that those who do not want to dissect my often-inscrutable git commit messages can join in the experience. Here are some topics I intend to cover in the immediate future:

  • The secret project: Upgrades to SMS support I have been working on
  • How I got started with KDE

I am excited to see what this blog turns in to, and I appreciate you joining on the ride!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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